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Most mammals’ protective system functions on maintaining equilibrium in the hematopoietic-immune-system cells and the cell balance from naive pluripotent stem cells to the committed precursors of hematopoiesis cell lineage.

We have explored several in Vitro and Vivo tests for the Structure-functional study of the Glu-Trp peptide family. We discovered that L-GluL-Trp and structural and optical Disomer DGluDTrp have different effects on hemopoietic progenitor and immunocompetent cells in vitro and in vivo: the LL-peptides have hemostimulating properties, while the DDpeptides hematoinhibiting ones. [Im. Let 1999, Int. 2007].

The secreted IFNγ mononuclear cells were evaluated by measuring their concentration in the supernatant of cultured cells. The influence of peptides on the production of IFNγ is estimated by cytokine accumulation in mononuclear cells.

The reciprocal action of L-Glu-L-Trp-OH and D-Glu-(D-Trp-OH)-OH on the production of various cytokines secreted by mononuclear cells using the interferons and interleukin production is shown as an example (Fig… … ).